Startseite slam jam socialism Vans Taka Hayashi x Slip-On 66 LX Sneakers

Vans Taka Hayashi x Slip-On 66 LX Sneakers


Hersteller: Vans
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Japanese designer Taka Hayashi and Vans team up once more releasing a new limited edition collection. Included in this drop, the Slip-On 66 LX Sneakers feature nubuck leather uppers, debossed heel panel, waffle rubber outsole, elastic side accents and Vans X Taka Hayashi heel decal. Nubuck Leather Uppers Debossed Heel Panel Striped Waffle Rubber Outsole Elastic Side Accents Vans X Taka Hayashi Heel Decal Style Code: VA3DPVOEW