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Patrick Mohr ‚X‘ ( PM10-HighOrange-17 )


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DESIGNER PATRICK MOHR ISSTRIKING A NEW PATH WITH HISLATEST SHOE DESIGNPATRICK MOHR ‚X‘ With the release of the MK Series in co-operation with the basketballbrand K1X and Christian Grosse, Patrick Mohr became a householdname in the sneaker business. In 2014, Patrick Mohr gained internationalfame with the release of the MK5 at L.A.‘s world- famous sneakerstore 424. Ever since, athletes like Lewis Hamilton, DeMarcus Cousinsas well as musicians such as Swizz Beatz or Future love his strikingshoe designs.Patrick Mohr does not plan on resting on his laurels. Instead, he is keento progress continuously and to pursue his own path in 2017 with hislatest shoe design of the PATRICK MOHR ‚X‘.His new designs will still carry his well-known signature look of therecurring triangles. The shoes are HANDMADE IN ITALY